Altavia Lab is dedicated to consumer experience innovation, focused on defining and implementing the most coherent and  profitable commercial strategies in order to accompany brand and retailers into their transformation. A source of observation, knowledge & understanding of behaviours, trends and innovations about the shopping journey.
Altavia Academy, one of Altavia Lab’s cores, is a young talent nursery looking forwards to innovation in retail world through a programme of workshops and classes about research and experimentation.


The mission of Altavia Lab is to accompany brands and retailers in defining and implementing the most consistent and profitable strategies as to represent the most evolved and updated source of observation, knowledge and comprehension of behaviours , trends and innovations in the Omnichannel Shopping Experience.


1. Research & Analysis

To anticipate the need of consumers and identify the gaps between the business strategies and customer expectations in the omnichannel context.


2. Inspiration & experimentation
Experimentation from the technological innovation to the engagement/loyalty activities.


3. Training
Internal & external training for Altavia’s talents and stakeholders.